Why your online presence is important

  • April 5, 2017

In this fast moving modern world, technology has hugely changed how we live our lives. From keeping in touch with people over long periods of time and distance intimately with social media, to having the ability to buy something online, at the click of a button, while you are on your way to work.

Amazon Echo

Or  order  just using your voice with the Amazon Echo

Our digital projections online are as important as our real life versions, and often now it is seen before a face to face meeting where first impressions are traditionally made. This is a area through which a huge impact will be felt for your business, and where a positive impression on an audience can lead to consecutive sharing with circles of friends.

A new shop front

Although many businesses are found through discoveries on the high street, or as a result of meeting up with friends on the same vicinity, a lot of businesses are first discovered through using google maps in the customers local area, shares through social media and top 10 lists written by reviewers in local blogs and news sites. This of course is excellent for your name, but your online presence must be ready to convert this new audience into interested clients when they visit your own, unique, digital space.

Your online self is best presented in the areas your customers most use, with the many different social media outlets covering this; Instagram for pictures, filters, and beautiful people holding protein shakes or looking wistfully into the distance; Pinterest for the very creative, with home made, unique products and art alongside random motivational quotes; and of course Twitter and Facebook permeating many if not all areas you could possibly want. However, your website plays an important part in this, and is often over looked as social media takes precedence.

Social Media

You can create your own website any way you like, in comparison to social media where you work within preset temples, and you can only change background colours, images and logos, and also. You can present yourself in a completely unique way with every element made specifically to present what you want and how you want to show it, and if you were to write your story alongside this with some of your history and what your dreams are, this can be a powerful combination. Also given how social media has changed so much over the years from Myspace, Vine and Bebo to the current trends, a web address provides a more stable base which can be built upon far more, and linked or removed from whatever the current trend is with ease.

Under the hood

From the more technical aspect, having your corner of the internet in the form of a domain gives you a lot more visibility online. Not only are you more likely to appear on Google and other search engines but also across a wider variety of terms within this subject, and websites are far more likely to show up on searches for coffee shop related terms than social media accounts or pages.

Of course there is lot more to appearing more often online than this, where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Adwords come into it, but that will be covered in articles later on, otherwise this article could go on until you need your fourth cup of coffee.

Please contact us directly with any questions you have about this so far, and let us know what we can do for you.

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Chris grew up in Cardiff, living across the city all through school. He studied aircraft engineering at University in his hometown, and now designs websites. He has worked in different sectors since finishing his degree, curious about applying different skills across a variety of subjects within business and entrepreneurship.

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