7 most important things on a coffee shop website

  • April 9, 2017

There is a lot of creative freedom that comes with having a website. When compared with social media and preset templates, which are great and serve their function of course, you can have an incredible amount of fluidity with your website front page, choosing what and where you want elements. This will not only reflect how you yourself organise and run your shop, but also any message you want to deliver your audience to welcome them in.

Bearing that in mind there are certain things that are highly beneficial to have, and will greatly improve its quality. Not only are these relevant for the visiting customer but important for web presence and findability, playing a very important role in your digital presence.


Aside from making it easier for people to find you this is a good process to go through. Setting your website up so your location is displayed will ensure you appear on Google maps and other similar software. When also tied in with Google My Business you are more visible, and thanks to this mobile searches find you more often. There is a huge SEO advantage to doing this.

Your Story

This adds the human face to your business. Ironic when I talk about ‘digital presence’ a lot, but this is important, and the goal of your website at the end of the day is to convert its visitors from those looking at their phones to looking you in the eyes, asking for their favourite drink.

Telling the people you welcome into your world about who you are, why you have a shop and what you like to make in there provides the human touch. If you have been around for a while, adding your story along the way and what you have become popular for allows new customers to learn what you are good, at proud of.

Specialist items

Like in the last paragraph, your unique product or service is a meaty addition to the front page. This sets you aside from other stores and allows you to offer your audience something they have never had before. From an amazing well done breakfast, traditional or otherwise, or a certain coffee bean ground and brewed in a specific, time consuming but delicious process, these are all great. Along with testimonials on social media or on locals news and review sites can make them highly sought after.

A fantastic example, and one of my favourites, is from Cocorico Patisserie in Cardiff. Their website moreso functions to lead onto their social media, but has a beautiful layout to show you exactly what they are all about – pastries. Most of all, their brightly coloured Macarons you see on display. Their front page takes you on a journey through a series of shallow focus clips showing areas of their business they take pride in; the Macarons, brewing coffee, and chefs busy at work making much more.

Cocorico Cardiff's front page

A very stylish way to show your products

Price list menu

Listing what you sell will help those looking know what to expect when they walk in – as much a little mystery leads people on, this is far more likely to convert customers. A simple, easy to read layout is essential to portray what you need to, and even something like font plays a role in making sure of this.


Offering a sale for some items only found through the website can provide not only provide the customer with something for less, but also a very good reason to visit the shop. When coupled with your unique product or service, this might lead to a testimonial. Conversely you could also offer those customers in store a discount if they were to write you a review on your website or on the social media you are most active on.

Pictures of the store

Showing the inside does play a part in advertising what you have built to your audience, especially if this is part of your unique product or service. It is however vital these are done right; to be too cheesy and over processed will look completely false, or coming across as a dungeon would turn most away, except those really looking for an adventure. Giving your audience a look into a world you want to share with them can show you are honest and open. As they are making the choice to visit you out of many others based on your photos, ideally this should not disappoint. When these are linked in to the site they will also appear on Google images, and can be used across news and review sites if written about.

Juno Lounge’s website is a perfect example of this, the Cardiff based business opens with a shot of customers in a corner of the shop. It gives you a taste of the inside, the colours and decor, while showing how customers interact with that environment.

Juno Lounge

A good example of using pictures on your website


Contact info

Obvious, of course. But if I didn’t list it here, how good would that look…

To go with these points there are some others which will help, but depend on your own capabilities. Throwing events are a fantastic way of attracting new customers, and when properly formatted this can show up on Google and other search engines. We can also help you put these on the right sites to reach a further audience, on the relevant places for your type of product or certain market, as money spent in the right places is more effective than a general campaign.

There is also E-commerce to delve into, however this is a bigger subject for another article, which will be to follow. Selling your products online can lead to another stream of revenue, and when marketed rightly while linked in with other elements online this can be very profitable.

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Chris grew up in Cardiff, living across the city all through school. He studied aircraft engineering at University in his hometown, and now designs websites. He has worked in different sectors since finishing his degree, curious about applying different skills across a variety of subjects within business and entrepreneurship.

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